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WIFI Access Point

Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) is a networking device that allows wireless devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, to connect to a wired network and access the internet or other network resources.

(Optimize network performance, Security & management)

Update firmware

Identify AP model:

  • Identify Wi-fi Access Point models used in network infrastructure. Different models may have unique firmware versions.

Backup settings

Backup Configuration:

  • Backup current configurations of the AP’s before applying the firmware updates. If any issue arise during the update process, we can revert to previous settings.

Check if all AP are on-line

Ping Test

  • Check AP is online is to use “ping” command. Open a command prompt and send a ping request to the IP address of each AP.

ADHOC Maintenance Services

Physical Inspection

  • Check the physical condition of the access point. Ensure that it is powered on, all cables are securely connected, and there are no visible signs of damage or hardware issues.​

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