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Structured Cabling

Setting up a new office? Cabling at the current office are messy and unsightly? We design and install cabling infrastructure from scratch and make sure they are tidy and fulfill safety requirements.

Purpose of Structural Cabling

  • Reduce network downtime with proper and organised cabling infrastructure

  • Experience consistent performance over time meeting the demand of your business's daily operation 

  • Prevent overheating issues with congested cabling bulk

  • Comply with industrial cabling standard (TIA/EIA-568)

  • Prolong the lifespan of IT equipment and infrastructure

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Types of
Structural Cabling Services

Entrance Facilities

Consist of network points, firewall devices, cables and other IT devices connected with the onsite cabling at your premises.

Backbone Cabling

Also known as vertical cabling.

It provides interconnection between entrance facilities, telecommunication rooms. and equipment rooms.

Common cables for backbone cabling are:

1. Fibre optic cable

2. Coaxial cable

3. Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable

4. Shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable

Telecommunications Room

An enclosed area to store your telecommunications equipment, cable terminations and cross-connects.

It also connects the backbone cabling and the horizontal cabling.

Equipment Rooms

Centralised location to store IT equipment and consolidation points.

Horizontal Cabling

Connects the cabling from the telecommunications rooms to work areas.

It usually runs above the ceiling or below the floor.

Work Area Components

A place to connect the end-user's equipment and the communication outlets. This allows the end users to receive connection for their internet and make telecommunication.

Benefits of Structural Cabling 


shelf life

  • Minimise damages to the equipment and cabling systems

Reduce downtime

  • Well-organised cabling system will fasten the speed to troubleshoot, identify and solve the issues

  • Prevent injury, outbreak of fire and electrical shocks from unorganised cabling


  • Reduces unnecessary  power consumption and maintenance cost



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