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Storage Health Check (NAS)

A storage health check in a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system involves assessing the overall health, performance, and reliability of the storage infrastructure within the NAS device. Here are the key aspects involved in a storage health check for a NAS system

(File Sharing & Data backup and redundancy)

Storage Capacity

Verify the total storage capacity of the NAS and check how much storage space is currently used. Ensure that there is sufficient free space available to avoid data storage limitations

(Storage Capacity Image)

Disk Health

Check the health status of individual hard drives or SSDs in the NAS. Look for signs of drive failures, bad sectors, or performance issues that could lead to data loss.

(Disk Health Image)

RAID Status

If the NAS uses RAID for data redundancy, verify the status of the RAID array. Ensure that all RAID members are functional and that the array is in a healthy state.

(Raid Status Image)

Power and UPS Status

Verify that the NAS is connected to a reliable power source and check the status of any Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) devices to protect against power outages and data loss.

CNT will follow this step

  • Backup and Redundancy 

    • Before proceeding with the upgrade, CNT will perform a full backup of the NAS data, configurations, and settings. They stored the backup on an external storage device and confirmed its integrity to prevent data loss during the update process.​

  • Firmware Upgrade​

    • CNT executed the firmware update according to the vendor's guidelines. We closely monitored the process and verified that the upgrade was completed successfully without any errors.​

Case Study Storage Health Check

Problem Statement:

Client company faced a critical issue when one of their NAS drives suddenly failed, causing data unavailability


  • Redundancy Enhancement 

    • Redundancy used of additional storage units; it allows the system to keep operating without downtime 

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