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Storage Health Check

Storage Health Check involves assessing the overall health, performance, and reliability of a storage system. This process is crucial for identifying potential issues, optimizing storage performance, and ensuring data availability.

Windows Server (Premise & Cloud Based)

Maintenance that we perform

  • Summary Within the health monitoring section find information related to storage health. This includes details about RAID arrays, individual hard drives, and any storage controllers present on the server.


(Summary Health Image)

  • Check Raid Status We monitor RAID arrays health present on the server​​

(Check Raid Status Image)

  • Check Physical Disks Status Information about the physical disks installed on the server. This should include their physical disk health status


(Check Physical Disk Status Image)

Case Study Disaster Recovery

  • Problem A natural disaster in the form of a severe thunderstorm strikes the region where Client Company is located. The storm causes extensive damage, including lightning strikes that result in a power surge and electrical fires.

  • Impact All data stored on the on-premises servers is at risk of being lost or corrupted due to the electrical fires and water damage from firefighting efforts.



Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Data Transfer Once a new physical server arrived on-site, the cloud backup was used to transfer all the data and configurations from the cloud-based image to the new server. This ensured that the new server was an exact replica of the original one

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