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Service Hours

Regular maintenance of your IT system can be costly, that's why we created a service package so you can still enjoy our professional services at a more affordable rate.


CNT services:

Response time1:

Payment term2:


Ad Hoc

Best for one-off projects

List of services for Ad Hoc can be found at:

Next Business Day

Contact us

to find out more

Charge by hourly basis

Best for regular IT support and services

  1. Installation and configuration

  2. Troubleshooting of IT equipment or other IT related issue

  3. Phone/ Remote/ Onsite support

  4. Backup & restore of data

Upon completion of work, service report will be sent to you for record keeping.

Next Business Day

Pre-purchase of 10 hours3

Non-CBD: S$1,300

CBD:            S$1,500

Service Hours Package

Standard Terms and Conditions:

1. Service time will be between 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays. Any services provided outside the service time will be charged separately.

2. Service will be charged based on hourly block, a minimum of one (1) hour.

3. Upon confirmation, the service hours package will cover 12 months from the date of commerce.

4. Payment to be made before the start of the service hours package, otherwise ad hoc rates will be charged, and is subject to any applicable goods and services tax ("GST") or other goverment charge or duty (including where applicable, withholding taxes) from time to time prescribed by law.

5. The rates do not include:-

     a) The cost of any equipment or part whether spare part, consumable or otherwise supplied, unless stated.

     b) The upgrading of or retrofitting of improvements or major modification to the IT equipment or product.

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