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Server Rack Setup

Who doesn't like their server racks to be well organized and to house their servers/network equipment? (Cable Management Included)

Our technical specialist will definitely do their best for you and meet your expectations.


Basic equipment that are designed to be placed in a server rack are typically known as a rack mounted systems, a rack mount chassis, rack-mount, rack-mount instrument, sub rack, rack mountable and occasionally as simple as a shelf.


What is Server Rack?

  • Often called Server Rack Cabinet


  • To store and organise critical IT equipment


  • Classified into 2 types:

    • Open Frame

    • Locked Frame

  • Can be mounted one on top of the other within a rack to save space.

Service Rack_edited.png

Benefits of having Server Rack

Increase Security

  • Locked server racks can prevent unauthorised people to access

Increase Performance

  • With a better airflow, there is a lower chance of getting servers overheated, which will results in better performance and longer lifespan of the equipement

Easy to maintain

  • Faster access to address the issues

  • Breeze routine maintenance

CNT Installation Process


Site Survey of the location


Discussion & propose CNT recommendation


1. Determine Server Rack 

2. Cable management

3. Mount network equipment

4. Install and configuration

5. Testing and commissioning


Support & Maintenance
*For clients under CNT monthly contract or package



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