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Keeping your server updated and operating smoothly is very critical to the performance of your company. 

Having a professional IT team can ensure that your server will be free of problem.

Server Maintenance

Purpose for Server Maintenance

  • Keep your business's computer network in ideal and stable condition for daily operation

  • Ensure regular data backup and patch installation for updates and bugs

  • Prevent slow server performance, data corruption, data loss and data theft (hacking).

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CNT Server Maintenance

File Server

File server.webp
  • Central network server that acts as a system for users to access data

  • Server administrator has the authority to allow every users different permissions to avoid misuse of confidential information

  • Data files can be accessed and saved remotely

  • A backup schedule can be done to ensure data are synced and saved in the server

Remote Desktop Service

File server.webp
  • Also known as terminal services for Windows Server 2008 and earlier

  • Users are allowed to access computer or virtual machine remotely over a network connection

  • This provides convenience for company to have centralised management and controlled access to install and run applications.

Domain Controller

Domain Controller.PNG
  • Server computer that functions as a security authenticator to give users access to resources in another domain

  • It works on Microsoft Windows/ Windows NT network which is accountable for giving access to Windows domain resources

  • Main entry point to your network infrastructure and key target during cyber attack

CNT Installation Process


Online discussion/
Site survey


- CNT Proposal

- Confirm on work scope


- Procurement
- Install
- Testing
- Commissioning



Support & Maintenance
*For clients under CNT monthly contract or package



Tel. 6254 8636

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#06-04 Innovation Place (Tower 1)

Singapore 729930 



Monday - Friday:                9:00 - 18:00

Saturday:                             9:00 - 13:00

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed 




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