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NAS Updates

In a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system update, the firmware or software of the NAS device is upgraded to the latest version

(File Sharing & Data backup and redundancy)

Firmware/Software Check

The NAS checks for the availability of new firmware or software updates from the manufacturer. Some NAS devices may have built-in automatic update mechanisms that periodically check for updates, while others might require manual initiation.

(Firmware/Software Check Image)

Backup Configuration

Before proceeding with the update, it is crucial to perform a backup configuration on the NAS. While updates are generally designed to be non-destructive, unexpected issues can occur during the process, and having a backup ensures that data can be restored if needed.

(Backup Configuration Image)

Case Study NAS firmware was outdated

  • Problem

    • The existing NAS firmware was outdated and lacking essential features for improved performance and security. The existing firmware had known vulnerabilities and limitations that could expose sensitive data to potential risks.


CNT planned the NAS firmware upgrade to minimize any potential disruptions.

CNT will follow this step

  • Backup and Redundancy 

    • Before proceeding with the upgrade, CNT will perform a full backup of the NAS data, configurations, and settings. They stored the backup on an external storage device and confirmed its integrity to prevent data loss during the update process.​

  • Firmware Upgrade​

    • CNT executed the firmware update according to the vendor's guidelines. We closely monitored the process and verified that the upgrade was completed successfully without any errors.​

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