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IP Phone System

Planning to switch from PSNT to VoIP but do not know where to start?

Looking for cheaper, better and secure phone system for your business?

What is IP Phone System?

IP phone allows you to make phone calls over the internet using desk phones, cordless pones and conference phones.


IP phone system consists of 3 essential parts to work.

  1. IP phone (VoIP phone)

  2. IP PBX

  3. VoIP private branch exchange

Types of VoIP phones

Desktop VoIP Phones

Desktop VoIP phone.jpg
  • Most have LCD screen to show multiple features such as:

       1. Caller ID

       2. Call transfer

       3. Speed dialing options

       4. Speakers and microphones


  •  Phone is connected to computer/router for connection, and ethernet cables for power

Wireless VoIP Phones

Desktop VoIP phone.jpg
  • Having the convenience to be away from the desks and still enjoy the features of VoIP.

  • Provide user productivity and seamless mobile connectivity

Benefits of
IP phone System


  • Quick response time to solve issue and provide monthly maintenance to prevent similar issues in future

Make unlimited simultaneous calls

  • Streamline and provide specific solutions that is well suited for your business

Low maintenance

  • As an experienced consultant in the IT sector, you will provided with latest update to better your daily operation

Ease of use

  • With a team of professionals equipped with broad range of IT skills and experience to provide you with a well-rounded IT solution

CNT IP phone
Installation Process


Site Survey of the location


Discussion & recommendation by CNT


- Install
- Testing
- Commissioning



Support & Maintenance
*For clients under CNT monthly contract or package



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