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Documentation for all IT devices & IT asset management

CNT utilizes Atera as a cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool for documenting and managing various aspects of your IT environment. Atera is commonly used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT teams to efficiently manage and monitor their clients' IT infrastructure.

Hardware & Network devices

  • Monitor the health and performance of these devices in real-time using Atera's monitoring and alerts features.

Storage Devices / Cloud Subscriptions

  • Document information about storage devices, such as capacity, type, and configuration.

  • For cloud subscriptions, CNT store details about the subscriptions, services used, and associated costs.

Software Licensing

  • Atera allow to track software installations and licenses. Document the software titles, version numbers, license keys, and expiration dates.

  • Receive alerts for expiring licenses to ensure timely renewal.

Desktop & Laptop Devices

  • Maintain profiles for each desktop and laptop device, including hardware specifications, configurations, and assigned users.

  • Utilize Atera's remote access capabilities to troubleshoot and assist users with technical issues.

Printing & Scanning Devices

  • Document information about printing and scanning devices, including make, model, configuration, and location.

  • Monitor printer status and ink/toner levels through Atera's monitoring tools.

Subscription Management

  • Atera can help you keep track of various subscriptions and services, such as softwareas-a-service (SaaS) applications or cloud services.

User Access Rights

  • While Atera is primarily an RMM tool, it might not offer full-fledged user access management. You might need to use complementary tools for robust user access control.

ADHOC Maintenance Services

  • When a service stop working, check for any error messages or logs that may provide clues about the cause of the issue. Error messages often contain valuable information that can help identify the problem.

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